What does 1001tweets do?

1001tweets is a tool that helps you to expand your reach on Twitter by posting your tweets multiple times at different moments of the day.
There are a few steps to getting set up. First, connect your Twitter accounts. Then, configure and enable them. That's all! Your next tweets will be reposted automatically.

Which tweets are reposted?

1001tweets reposts all the tweets containing one link.
More over, you can set a domain whitelist. In this case, 1001tweets reposts all the tweets containing one link whose URL starts with one of these domains.

What do you call a "repost"? Is it a retweet?

A repost is a new tweet with the same content. It's not a retweet.

Can I use it if I Buffer? Hootsuite? any Twitter client?

Yes! As long as you post tweets with one link, it works.

How to use the domain whitelist?

By default, 1001tweets reposts all the tweets containing one link.
You can filter the tweets to repost depending the domain of the link. For example, if you set the domain whitelist to "1001tweets.com", only the tweets containing a link to 1001tweets.com will be reposted.

Can I use it if I'm using Bitly?

Yes, 1001tweets considers Bitly links like any others. Use any URL shortener you want, it will work.

How to shorten link with Bitly in my reposted tweets?

You have to connect your Bitly account (click on "connect" in the Bitly section) in the settings of your Twitter account.

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