Get the most out of each tweet

When you post a tweet with a link on Twitter, 1001tweets saves it and repeats automatically the tweet multiple times, some hours apart.
1001tweets is able to multiply the number of clicks by 2-4 times or even more!

Improve your reach

1001tweets helps you to expand your reach on Twitter by posting your tweets multiple times at different moments of the day.

Proven method

Some big Twitter accounts like @GuyKawasaki and @nytimes are already posting their tweets multiple times with very successful results.

Incredibly simple

1001tweets will automatically repost all your tweets containing a link. You just have to sign up and connect your Twitter accounts.

Unlimited Twitter accounts

You can connect and manage multiple Twitter accounts. Select the plan you need according to the number of accounts you have.


You can set up a filter to repost only the tweets containing an URL from a specific domain. You can even define multiple domains.


For each Twitter account, you can define the number of reposts and the number of hours between each repost.

You need it!

1001tweets is essential for different kind of Twitter accounts. If you share links on Twitter and you want to increase the number of visits, 1001tweets is for you!

Our Plans

Enjoy the trial period in our plans. No credit card required.



  • 1 Twitter account
  • Click count for each repost
  • Email support



  • 5 Twitter accounts
  • Click count for each repost
  • Email support
  • Link shortening with Bitly

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